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Down the rabbit hole...

For the Intellectual Discussion of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Folklore

Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Folklore
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Once upon a time...

This community is for the academic discussion of fantasy, fairy tales, and folklore.

As children, we are told the same fairy tales that our great great great grandmothers and grandfathers were exposed to, sometimes with many changes and sometimes nearly word for word.

How does this impact us? What does it say about humanity? How do fairy tales evolve as civilization evolves? How is it that fairy tales are so timeless, so universal? What are the connections and differences between religious myth, folklore, fairy tales, and fantasy?

At the moment, just a few requests:
Be polite.
Community promotion is fine as long as it's in some way related to the community subject.
Any large images behind a cut, please.

Please join us, bring your friends, introduce yourself if you'd like, and settle in for the discussion!
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