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16 January 2008 @ 10:58 am
My fairies  
 From my own experiences I believe writers and artists are guided or influenced by a higher power. I think we are the ultimate creators. Does that mean if we believe in fairies we create the environment, realm, dimension, or reality for fairies to be alive, nurtered by the energy of our overactive imaginations ... or, are fairies real, and enlightened, 'gifted', perhaps crazy people can see and communicate with these angelic fireflies of light, guardians and groundskeepers for secret gardens of enchantment.
Occassionally I have seen a golden light, a lost star dancing in the corner of my vision. From the light delicate hands trailing sparkling white light encourage me to to look. Turning, soft blue eyes, smoky sapphires hold my attention for the briefest of moments. The figure is tiny and always dressed in shimmering whites. For a moment I'm looking through her, its eyes, lenses made from the clearest spring water, rainbow hues of energy, whirly-winds of light softening the edges of my lived in home. I blink and the figure is gone and my faithful browns are back.
From my development as a medium and a healer the energy around me is 'different', but what am I seeing? It is not a visiting spirit, guide, or what I describe as an angel, but it is 'something' ... real?